Episode 1, stylized as ep1, is the first part of Dynamo. Episode 1 was released on January 12, 2012 on via the KarmaPirates channel. The original plot synopsis for the episode given by KarmaPirates says "In which the Amazingly Bearded Man (ABM) wards off the Flesh Bats, and Ava makes bad decisions."

Plot synopsis Edit

The first act of the episode tells the story of how the Amazingly Bearded Man wards struggles against a Flesh Bats on his rocket boat. The second act introduces the characters Gage Mann and Ava, who are out on a "date" in the Dustlands, stargazing. While driving home in the RV, they spot the bearded man and decide to give him a lift back to the city. The third and last act introduces special agent Maxwell Sterling, as he meets a group of detectives in the Dustlands investigating a crater, and acidentally relays intel to them which they are not on a level of clearance high enough to know. Subsquently he is forced to kill the detectives.

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