Graydirt the Wretch
Biographical information
Resides Unknown
Physical description
Species Unknown
Gender Unknown
First appearance Episode 4 (only appearance)
Portrayed by Josh Truax (voice)
Graydirt the Wretch was a mysterious six-armed skeletal that encountered Axle Rubix in a tunnel in Shade. Graydirt the Wretch attempted to kill Axle Rubix, presumably after Sterling offered a reward to Shadow State 5 denizens for Axle. After an encounter with Axle Graydirt is presumed to be dead.

Biography Edit

Episode 4 Edit

When Axle Rubix was walking through a tunnel in Shade, eating a poptart, black smoke started seeping out of the ground behind him, becoming the floating form of Graydirt the Wretch. Graydirt claimed that "he" would be Axle's demise, to which Axle responded by breaking Graydirt's skull with his bare hands. A sweet, new leather jacket dropped from Graydirt as his body dissipated.

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