Josh Truax
Josh truax headshot
Biographical information
Age(d) 32
Born February 20, 1983
Status Active
Occupation(s) Actor
Resides Seattle, Washington, USA
Physical description
Height 5' 10" / 177.8 cm
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Green
First appearance Episode 1
Last appearance Episode 3
Josh Truax is an American actor who resides in Seattle, USA. Truax has acted in nurmerous short films, and he played the lead character in the independent low budget science fiction feature film Project London. One of Truax' most notable roles is the special agent Sterling in Dynamo. Truax went to Cornish College of the Arts. The character of Sterling was named after Josh Truax's ex-wife Mandi Sterling.

Career Edit

Personal life Edit

Filmography Edit

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