N3 Corp is a technology company famous for their AI manufacturing and revolutionary grow/print solutions.[1][2]

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The Rotten Dragon neon sign Edit


The original Rotten Dragon neon sign, built on the back of the Greenport residential block was made out of an EL microcoil assembly in a polyvinyl chloride sheath from N3 Corp. It is unknown how this iconic remnant of the Third Summer of Asbestos ended up on the back of the Greenport block, however it is a convoluted story, involving a surprising number of eccentric billionaires and a very pursuasive (if misguided) real estate mogul. This was unknown to Chad Allbrow when he set up his taco truck beneath the forgotten sign. The landmark gave his truck a competitive edge, and he eventually took over the expired trademark when he founded Rotten Dragon (not yet the sprawling franchise it is today), shifting his focus from tacos to ambiguous Asian cuisine.[1]<refname="rotten dragon history" />

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