Rotten dragon logo

The Rotten Dragon logo.

Rotten Dragon is a chain of restaurants that offers authentic or "ambiguous" Asian cuisine. Their slogan is "Delivered in 30 minutes. Or we'll eat it." The restaurant was founded by Chad Allbrow.

The restaurant have award winning chefs working for them, according to the staff themselves. There are over 300 Rotten Dragon locations. Rotten Dragon have a special membership that comes with a member card that allows the wielder to save 5% on applicable Wednesdays.

History Edit

Founding Edit

150 years ago Chad Allbrow set up a taco truck at the Greenport residential block beneath a large forgotten glowing sign depicting a dragon and a bowl of noodles. The landmark gave Allbrow a competitive edge, and eventually he took over the expired trademark, shifting his focus from tacos to ambiguous Asian cuisine.

For 150 years Rotten Dragon has stood as a mainstay in the Fast Food department.

Locations Edit

Rotten Dragon restaurants exist in over 300 locations.

Kiosk Edit

Kiosk 255 cropped

Rotten Dragon Kiosk #255 located at Grayscale Cliffs.

Rotten Dragon utilizes kiosks. "We're probably where you are!" Specialties: Stabbed Crabs

Menu Edit

Happy Hour MenuEdit

9 - crab dish Edit

this is crab. hell yeah you can order it! recommended!


11 - noodle dish Edit

these are noodles, and there is nothing wrong.

11 - noodle ball Edit

yeah noodles are big here. do you have a problem. stars.

14 - shut up! Edit

shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up!

3 - dr. lemurs Edit

we only serve dr. lemurs. its, like the only beer in the world, apparently.

Other menu items Edit

Chocolate Spaghetti Supreme Edit

Specialties Edit

Stabbed Crabs Edit

External links Edit

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