The Superintelligence Agency is a large investigative organization based out of Shade city.

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Within the hierachy of Superintelligence there are different levels at which an agent can be that allow them to access certain information about the inner workings of the organization as well as the actual world outside of it. The agency has very strict rules around information, and the way they deal with it shows that Shade is ultimately ruled by a totalitarian government. The rules state that people who are not at the level required to know a bit of specific information are not even allowed to think about this information, which would mean that the agency is attempting to be a thought police and control people's minds. People, even agents, who gain information they are not at the level of clearance to know about, are hunted down by another agent and eliminated.

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Special agents of the Superintelligence Agency are given code numbers, such is the case with Carmen, Superintelligence Agent 2444.