Windoez OS

WINDOEZ OS in action.
General information
Owner Patent owned by WINDOEZ 34
Creator WINDOEZ 34
Use Touch
Purpose To report ermegencies, among other features
Status In use
First appearance Episode 3

WINDOEZ OS is a software created by the company WINDOEZ 34 installed into vehicle windows, designed to help people manage a vehicle's features, such as locking and unlocking doors of a car. The software is also designed to help with different kinds of ermegencies related to the vehicle, such as it being stolen, not stopping, the vehicle being full of clowns or passengers being lonely among others. WINDOEZ OS's interface is built into the windows of the vehicle and can for example be accessed by tapping a window, projecting a text-based list of different options on the window.[1]

History Edit

Episode 3 Edit

Features Edit

When tapping a window with WINDOEZ OS installed, a menu appears which lists these options:

  1. Ermegency procedures
  2. Questions/comments?

    WINDOEZ OS being used to lock the door of a car.

  3. Upgrade options
  4. Patent info
  5. License agreememt

These options are listed under ermegency producedures:

  1. Being hijacked
  2. Falling
  3. Stolen
  4. On fire
  5. Sinking
  6. Full of clowns
  7. Not stopping
  8. Lonely

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References Edit

  1. Episode 3. KarmaPirates. 2012.